Janoka, Inc., et al. v. Veolia Environmental Services North America, et. al.
Circuit Court of Barbour County, Alabama (Civil Action No. 69-cv-2011-900056)

Filing A Claim

If you are a Settlement Class Member and you wish to receive a Settlement payment you must file a valid claim no later than March 5, 2013.

You ARE ELIGIBLE to file a claim if you are a customer in the United States who (1) entered into a written contract with Veolia and (2) paid  one or more of "fuel surcharges," "environmental fees," "administrative fees," "service charges," and "ADEM charges" or substantively similar charges which were identified differently " (the "Fees"), and/or you had your service rate increased by more than CPI-U (the "Rate Increases"), from February 2, 2003 through October 31, 2012. 

The following entities and persons ARE EXCLUDED from the Settlement: (1) municipalities and those individuals or entities whose services were provided by a contract entered into by a municipality or a governmental entity; (2) any customers currently in bankruptcy; (3) any customers whose obligations have been discharged in bankruptcy; (4) governmental agencies, entities, or judicial officers; and (5) any person or entity which properly executes and submits a timely request for exclusion from the Settlement Class.

There are two ways to make a claim:


If you received a postcard Notice in the mail, please have that card available to expedite your online claim filing.

You may also file online without a postcard Notice, and you will be asked to provide additional information.  To file online click ONLINE CLAIM.

If you are planning to submit documentation to support your claim (see QUESTION 5 for detailed information about documentation requirements for Fee and Rate Increase claims), you will be able to attach those documents to your online claim in .pdf format OR you may mail copies of your documentation to the Settlement Administrator.  Include your claim number, which you will receive in a confirmation after filing your online claim, with any documentation submitted by mail.


If you prefer to file a paper Claim Form, you may download and print the Claim Form and submit it by mail.  Click PRINT CLAIM for a .pdf version of the Claim Form. 

If you are unable to print a Claim Form, you may request that one be mailed to you by calling toll-free 1-888-793-7581.
Paper claims must be mailed to:

Dahl Administration, LLC
PO Box 3616
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0616

Claims must be submitted by March 5, 2013 to be considered.